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Of Gods and Men (2011)

Of Gods and Men is a movie about values, convictions, faith, tolerance, martyrdom, mission, community, brotherhood, outreach, it’s a movie about living, and it’s a movie about dying. It takes place in Algeria in the mid-90’s, focusing on a group … Continue reading

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Monsters (2010)

2010’s Monsters probably one of the most overlooked films of last year. Produced on a fairly low budget that most have called “do it yourself” film making. You can certainly see the low budgetness of the project at times, but … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre (2011)

It’s strange how well things can stick in your brain. I read “Jane Eyre” when I was a sophomore in high school for my English class. Let’s just say, I did not enjoy it very much. Now here I sit … Continue reading

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