Survivor: One World Episode 13

This week the editors let us on to a lot more than we had learned the previous few episodes.  While this ended up doing nothing to what we’ve been shown to be the power trio (Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina), it was still eye opening to the kind of game that both Kim and Alicia are playing. Tarzan tried his best to solidify himself as a final 3 contender, but in the end Kim had her way.

Alicia Does Have Some Skills

The girl’s alliance had been shown to be a solid group of 5 with Kim and Chelsea at the top and Christina at the bottom. This week Alicia was shown to be at the head of a different alliance, one featuring Christina, Tarzan, and the biggest surprise of all Kim. Strategically speaking Kim was not only at the head of 2 alliances, but 3. She truly has had her “hooks in everyone” (as she said during the tribe swap) and left her options open as much as possible.

While giving yourself several options to take is a great strategy, eventually it leads to a decision that will her whichever side you don’t pick. This week Kim was forced to pick between Chelsea/Sabrina and Alicia/Tarzan/Christina. On one side she chooses 2 girls who have been with her since day 1, knowing that if she breaks their trust it could lead to a bitter seed being spread throughout the jury. On the other, she goes along with 3 people who she will annihilate in the final jury vote. It’s kind of a lose-lose (or maybe win-win) for her.

Little does Kim know that both Tarzan and Alicia are starting to think of getting rid of her once they get rid of Chelsea. They will have 3 people in their alliance and either of them would have a good shot of beating the other and Christina in the final vote. With this prospect, the 3 do not look as dumb for not choosing to flop over with Troyzan who they would have no shot of beating at all if he were to make it to the finals. Alicia does have some savvy gameplay within her even if she is a bit delusional and overbearing at times.

Kim Always Gets Her Way

None of this is really too big of a problem for Kim however, as she devises a plan wherein everyone gets their way. She plays this absolutely brilliant and is not forced to make her toughest choice in the game (she said she would have voted Chelsea out if she had to). Instead, she convinces Alicia that Tarzan is playing the both of them and is actually trying to make it to the finals with Christina and Sabrina! She does this in a moment where she seems so full of genuine discovery, that she nearly convinced me she was telling the truth.

The edit made it seem like they might end up voting out Chelsea, but in the end, Kim was victorious and it was a 5-1 vote for Tarzan.

By revealing all this new information to us this week, the producers really did do a good job of keeping us on our toes. If we hadn’t seen such a strong edit all season for the Kim/Chelsea/Sabrina I might’ve 100% believed she was going to flop to the other side. I am sure that we will see this temptation appear again Sunday at the final 5, with Kim again being the swing vote (while simultaneously being at the head of each alliance. Amazing.).

Who’s Gonna Win?

I really believe it will come down to a Chelsea vs. Kim final in which the jury must decide between the girl who played with her heart (but at least showed her heart) against the girl who played all of them (but they might not really know).

My prediction for the finale is: Christina gets out 1st. Chelsea wins the final immunity and they choose to vote out Sabrina at 4. The final 3 is Kim, Chelsea, and Alicia. Kim wins in a 5-3-1 vote. The votes go this way: Jonas, Michael, Jay, Leif, Sabrina vote for Kim. Troyzan, Kat, Christina vote Chelsea. Tarzan votes for Alicia. I will be way off, but its worth a try.

If Kim wins, I think I would put her as the best female player in a season and maybe all time. If its Chelsea, she’s more middle of the pack. I don’t think it will be Sabrina or Alicia and it certainly won’t be Christina.

After the finale, I plan on doing a recap, as well as making lists ranking both the seasons of Survivor and the winners from worst to best.

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