Survivor: Phillipines Episode 2


This week’s episode offered a downgrade in Survivor strategy and saw some people go backwards from their good starts, oh and Roxy got voted out. 

Last week, all the rage was about Malcolm and Denise and RC and how they were all going to be awesome strategists. However, all 3 took a step backwards or at worst remained stagnant from what we saw this week. 

Malcolm saw himself in the middle of the drama due to a budding showmance with pageant girl Angie. RC saw her 5 minutes into the game final 2 pact with Abi-Maria begin to fall apart. Denise made a good choice, but seemed to show a harsher side in her mocking of Roxy’s prayers. 

How Dangerous are Showmances?

Let’s start with Malcolm and this notion of a showmance. It’s always been seen as a sort of dangerous thing, but Boston Rob and Amber used it to the fullest in All Stars. Their feelings for one another made an unbreakable bond that would end up making it all the way to the final 2 and has made everyone freaked out about romantic pairs ever since. 

Like last week’s history lesson on the hidden immunity idol, this week let’s take a lengthy look at the post-Romber showmance, people’s reactions to it, and its effect on the game. 

Vanuatu-Do Julie and Jeff Probst count? 

Palau-Jeff and Kim had something going, but he got hurt. 

Greg and Jenn were together and it actually looked like it would be somewhat inseparable. Greg was nervous about it and tried to keep it on the downlow, he seemed pretty successful at doing so, because the only reason Tom and Ian went after him was because he was plotting against them (Greg should’ve kept his word to Coby and taken out Tom like he wanted to! I always will insist he is an underrated player)

Guatemala-None to speak of

Panama-None to speak of

Cook Islands-Parvati developed the flirtmance into a legitimate strategy here using Nate to do whatever she wanted. Certainly dangerous in this sense, but nobody really went after them.

With Candice and Adam we see the irrationality that romance can make certain people have. Candice mutinied her entire tribe in order to join back up with Adam and in the end he didn’t give his immunity to her. If Candice doesn’t have that strong of a bond with Adam does she mutiny?


China-Erik and Jamie lead their alliance (and were one of two showmances to actually end in marriage, so far). They never seemed to get a bigger target on themselves and post-merge didn’t really have the opportunity to use it to their advantage.

I guess you could call Courtney and Frosti a showmance, because it definitely did affect Courtney’s judgement, but it wasn’t really focused on.

Micronesia-Parvati again uses James and in the end takes him out, as Parvati is wont to do.

Ozzy and Amanda had something serious going for a while and I think they would have tried to take it further if Parvati and Cirie hadn’t wisely taken them a part.

Gabon-Do Charlie and Marcus count? (I kid)

Tocantins-Joe and Sydney were something to speak of and I am sure JT and Stephen were worried about them, but they outmaneuvered them to the point that it didn’t matter

Stephen Fishbach has said that he faked a crush on Erin in order to get her over to their side, this sounds brilliant, seems to have worked, but was never shown unfortunately. 


Heroes vs. Villains-None

Nicaragua-Not really any (who cares about Brenda and Chase’s shortlived one)

Redemption Island-Matt and Andrea start flirting, Boston Rob sees it and gets rid of Matt the next vote. Rob preyed on the fears that he himself had created 14 seasons before and used it to get rid of Matt. 

South Pacific-Whitney and Keith had a thing, nobody seemed too paranoid, and it didn’t affect the game at all. 

One World-None, the guys and girls hated each other. 

I think that the showmance is probably a bad idea for someone to get into (as nice as it is to have someone to work with that you trust completely) just because of the negative connotations it usually brings. It doesn’t seem to be worth the risk. 

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a couple on the show, it really comes down to circumstance. The couple will likely act irrationally and that is not something as a strategist that you want to deal with. At the same time, it is not worth it to blow up your spot in order to split up a couple. 

The Matsing Tribe’s Strategies

Roxy had the right idea in trying to sabotage the couple, but she went about it the completely wrong way. That is the point that you have to plant seeds in people’s minds, not yell and argue like a crazy person, because even worse than a couple, people do not want a crazy person. Roxy, good idea, bad execution. 

Denise made the right move this week in getting rid of Roxy. She is still on the strong side of the alliance and Malcolm does seem more committed to her than to Angie. It is a short term move that she had to make. 

Malcolm got himself into some unnecessary trouble with this showmance. While he kind of blew it off in a fairly good way it still plants seeds of doubt in other people’s minds that are not beneficial. I do applaud his awareness of knowing that Roxy was making them her target, one needs to know what each person is thinking at all times in order to succeed. 

Angie did not look as good this week. She still doesn’t seem as bad as everyone thought, but her interpersonal skills and awareness are surely not very strong. She does love cookies though! (I didn’t think this was as horrifying of a response as everyone else seemed to, I mean it was cute, and that’s what she’s going for right?)

Oh and Roxy, Survivor is not the time to stand up for your unique ideas. Maybe resting for challenges is a better strategy than working all the time, but if the rest of your tribe thinks that you should be working all the time, then that is what you have to do. Survivor is all about conformity, not individuality. 

Everyone Else’s Strategies

RC found the idol clue this week and then showed it to Abi-Maria (it was unclear if she was forced to do this because Abi-Maria was standing there or if she chose to do it). After a little while, Abi-Maria suddenly becomes super paranoid about RC and Mike’s relationship and starts to threaten her. Somebody picked an alliance-mate a little too quickly. It will be interesting to see how this affects strategy and boot order in the future weeks. 

Lisa has been playing bad. Not much else to say about her. 

Jonathan Penner’s whole storyline again was the idol hunt, where he did become the first person to find the idol. All we’ve been shown so far is a really isolated Penner against a really united tribe. It will be interesting to see if it really is this way or if Penner has more connections than we think. 

Jeff Kent looked pretty good again, but we keep hearing about that knee. I can’t help but thinking that this is going to lead to something major; either an evacuation or an injury related boot. 

Next Week and More

Next week I desperately hope that Matsing doesn’t lose so we can see a bit more about the dynamics elsewhere, but it doesn’t look too good for them right now. 

Like I said strategically kinda boring, but otherwise a funny episode. 

Player of the week: It has got to go to Denise this week, because nobody else really stood out. I didn’t like the (kinda) mean streak she had about Roxy, but I don’t feel like it was too much to worry about. 

Mike Skupin is still my frontrunner and I will likely stick by it till he is voted out. 

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