Survivor Philippines Episode 8

Woah, what an episode of Survivor this was. It almost unlike any other episode I’ve ever seen of the show. Let’s get right into this by describing what happened.


Episode begins, Penner is in trouble and he knows it. He’s got to win immunity to survive.

Lisa has a conversation with Skupin, planting the seed with him about the need to get rid of Malcolm.

The challenge happens and what do you know, Penner pulls off a victory.

Back at camp, the strategy talk is kept to a minimum. Since Penner won immunity, might as well go for Skupin, because he is the other returning player. Not much to it right?

Then all hell breaks loose…

Lisa decides that now is the time to get rid of Malcolm. He has the idol and she wants to join the “Evil Three” (Artis, Pete, Abi) because that is her chance of winning.

She approaches Pete, telling him that she knows Malcolm has the idol, that she wants Tandang to stick together, and now is the time to get rid of him.

Pete then goes and approaches Malcolm asking him straight up if he has the idol. Malcolm vehemently denies it. Pete tells him that Lisa accused him of having it. Pete then switches the vote from Skupin to Jeff Kent.

Malcolm begins freaking out, because Lisa has just betrayed him, while Pete spreads the message that they’re going to get Jeff Kent out.

Seemingly minutes before Tribal Council, Jeff Kent approaches Malcolm and they then discuss that they along with Denise, Carter, Skupin, and Penner should vote out Pete.

Quickly they spread out, passing this new message along that they need to get rid of Pete.

Tribal Council approaches, where Malcolm outs Lisa for outing him and then shows everyone his idol. Abi then declares that she has an idol. At this point, nobody seems sure of what is going down.

Penner declares that the 6 “of us” need to stick together, while Lisa argues the opposite way, with no names being named.

The votes come out Jeff receives 5, Pete 4, and Abi 1 with no idols being played.

Why this Ranks Among the Best

It may not sound as crazy on paper, but in reality most of this took place within a matter of minutes. At any point in the episode it seemed like Penner, Skupin, Malcolm, Pete, or Jeff could have legitimately have gone home.

The reason this episode seemed so different than all the others, was because it was so chaotic. Usually the Survivor editors paint a picture of it coming down to one person or another that is going to go home, but this episode was frantic enough that anything could have happened. Credit to the camera men for getting all these shots while seemingly on-the-move as everyone was trying to put together last minute plans.

The reason this season feels so fresh, is because everyone is legitimately playing the game. No one is content to join one group, which causes extreme alliance reshuffling on an episodic basis. Everyone is always asking, ‘why isn’t person A going over to that side?’, well in this season we get to see people constantly desiring to flip and actually doing it. Nothing is stable.

As a viewer this chaos is both exciting and unsettling. The last couple episodes have almost not been fully satisfying because there are no alliances set to do battle against each other. I can just imagine this fluidity causing so much stress actually on the island. This is why people usually stick with one group even if it costs them a good spot, it is comforting to have some sort of numbers surrounding you.

Going forward it is highly likely that we have many change-ups yet to come (unless the Tandang 5 really does stick together), which will make this season a fantastic one.

Who Can Win/Random Thoughts

I think that there are 5 options left for the winner: Lisa, Denise, Malcolm, Penner, and Skupin remain in that order. I do think that a returning player will make the finals, but I’m not sure if they’ll win.

Also, I predict Malcolm getting blindsided with the idol still in his pocket. I would guess this to happen in the next 3 episodes.

Also, could we have our 2nd over 40 winner since Tina back in season 2? Denise and Lisa both looked primed as anyone to pull that off. Maybe it’s the Skupin effect.

Not as much strategy talk this week, as I am writing this late.

Next week:

Malcolm gets blindsided with the idol in a 3-3-3 vote

Everyone joins against Penner again

Tandang 5 goes after Carter

Lisa and Skupin flip to get Pete/Abi out.

Player of the week: Lisa made a move, which failed, but in the end there don’t seem to be many repercussions from it, which put her on top.

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