Musical Experiment

This is something I was posting on tumblr, but decided here is a better format to put it. Here is what I posted at the start:

My bro and I are going to listen to 25 of the best albums of the last 60 years, chronologically. 

Here are the rules:

-1 album a week, preferably listened to multiple times

-5 albums per decade up until the 90s. This means we will miss out on a lot of music, but hey it’s already going to take 25 weeks!

-Albums picked by whatever we choose, but we wanna pick what is generally considered to be the best

We’re hoping to expand both in musical knowledge and musical taste. 

I will post small updates and thoughts each week. 

Here is week 123, and 4

Now onto week 5, Ornette Coleman’s “The Shape of Jazz to Come”

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