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20 Best Films of 2012

I like to release my own personal film awards near the time of the Oscars in order to ensure that I can see as many films as possible before making my list. Here is my list for the top 20 … Continue reading

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Anna-Sophia’s Top 10 Films of 2012

A special guest list on the blog today, my lovely wife’s 10 favorite films of 2012. I take her along for the ride on the many of the movies I see and thought it would be interesting to post her … Continue reading

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Best Performances of 2012

Note: I am releasing this list still not having seen Silver Linings Playbook, my condolences to you Jennifer Lawrence. Best Actor 5. Jack Black in Bernie-Certainly an out of character role for Black here, he is amazing as the do-gooder who gets himself into … Continue reading

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Best Supporting Performances of 2012

Best Supporting Actress 5. Amy Adams in The Master-Simultaneously being the sweet innocent Adams we’ve come to know and a strong woman who has the ability to manipulate and gain power, Adams certainly played it up perfectly in Anderson’s The Master. 4. … Continue reading

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Best Moments in Film 2012

The Oscars are this weekend and now it is time for my own personal movie awards, beginning with my ten favorites moments or scenes in movies that came out in 2012. Some of these reveal major plot points, so spoilers ahead. … Continue reading

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Musical Experiment: The Rolling Stones

This is part of a continuing series, find out what it’s about here. Thoughts on The Rolling Stones “Let it Bleed”: Taylor: well it was wayy wayy different than i thought it was gonna be. some of it was really bluesy/bluegrassy.. and … Continue reading

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A Lamentation

All my songs will be in minor for the night. My eyes weary from 15 years of hopes dashed by a distance of 5 yards. 5 yards the difference between excitement and lament. Between Queen and The Smiths playing through … Continue reading

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