You See Child My Time at the Library Explains the Longings of the Human Soul

I went to our school library the other day.

Checked a book out for fun.

I don’t really know why,

my time is endlessly busy with late nights and early mornings.

Fun time meticulously plotted into gaps of actual importances.

It was strange how it made me feel alive.

The search for a book I knew I wouldn’t read.

It gave me a sense of satisfaction to choose something.

To spend my time doing something I knew I would accomplish.

I would do this and would do it for me.

It’s the thrill of the chase right?

With the short-sided fulfillment of consumption.

The soul is allowed to fly, if only for a few empty seconds.

Hopes tangle with reality,

lungs fill with air.

The moment is so false, yet so pure.

Like a Diet Coke or a teenage crush.

Our souls long for more,

but sometimes this is all we’ve got.

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