Survivor San Juan Del Sur Rankings

Post-Episode 3

These rankings are done BCS style with each player ranked according to the following three categories. Their points for each ranking (which will vary week to week depending on how many contestants there are, eg. with ten people remaining the person ranked first will get ten points, the person ranked tenth will get one) will be added up in a final tally similar to that of the old NCAA BCS rankings (yes I know that was terrible, but it’s fun here).

The three categories:

Position in the Game: This calculates what their position currently seems to be, are they in the middle of an alliance or are they on the outside?

Capability: This is the most subjective of the three, but is based in who I feel has the best skills as a Survivor player. Some of these people may be in a bad position, but with their skills can find a way out of it.

Edit: Survivor is a highly edited show where footage is selected in order to create episodic and full season storylines. The way a person is edited can help to predict how well they will do in the game. If a player is in a very bad position, but is getting a good edit, it is conceivable they will find a way out of it at some point.

The Rankings:

Last week #13 in the rankings, John, went home.

15. Drew (last week: 15th) (Position: 14th , Capabilities: 15th, Edit: 15th Total: 4 points)


The cocky, lazy, doofus edit doesn’t serve him, plus he has been pointed out by Jeremy as someone he wants to get rid of.

14. Jaclyn (last week: 16th) (Position: 13th , Capabilities: 14th, Edit: 14th Total: 7 points)


Moves up a spot because she is just about reaching the point where nobody will want to get rid of her, however her lack of air time gives her no chance of winning.

13. Dale (last week: 9th) (Position: 15th , Capabilities: 10th, Edit: 10th Total: 13 points )


Being on the outs and the weakest in a losing tribe has shot Dale down to the bottom. Surviving until a swap could do him some good, but I don’t think he has what it takes.

12. Jon (last week: 14th) (Position: 11th , Capabilities: 12th, Edit: 8th Total: 20 points)


Not much from him this week, we need to see his tribe go to tribal to see where he really stands, but it seems like it’s outside the main alliance.

11. Julie (last week: 12th) (Position: 12th, Capabilities: 7th, Edit: 9th Total: 20 points)


Hard to say how much Julie hurts or benefits from John leaving. Any animosity toward her could be nullified by his exit, but it may already be too late for her.

10. Alec (last week: 5th) (Position: 6th, Capabilities: 8th, Edit: 12th Total: 22 points)


Drops this week because of the shattering of the guys’ alliance – which is perfectly suited to help someone like him. Add to this that he did not actually want to vote Rocker out and was shown as being outside the main decision making process and I am thinking Alec is less and less capable of winning.

9. Reed (last week: 10th) (Position: 7th , Capabilities: 4th, Edit: 13th Total: 24 points)


Apparently the editors don’t know where to put you in the show and neither do I! He is ranked high in the capability department only because nobody is really playing all that well.

8. Kelly (last week: 6th) (Position: 5th, Capabilities: 9th, Edit: 11th Total: 24 points)


I have a feeling Dale is gonna go and Kelly will start to rise as a part of Jeremy’s alliance and a character in this game, but as for now she’s got nothing.

7. Keith (last week: 7th) (Position: 8th, Capabilities: 11th, Edit: 4th Total: 25 points)


There’s been a couple of hints of dissension between he and Jeremy, add to it his bonding with Josh and Keith is either in a prime position to flip or be voted out soon.

6. Natalie (last week: 4th) (Position: 3rd , Capabilities: 13th, Edit: 6th Total: 26 points)


Her blowing up all over John last week was not the kind of thing you want to see out of a Survivor player, but her edit and relationships with her tribe are both strong, so she’s got a shot.

5. Wes (last week: 11th) (Position: 9th, Capabilities: 5th, Edit: 7th Total: 27 points)


Wes probably impressed me the most this week, although his move probably put him in a worse position he seemed very socially capable. As I’ll reinforce with Josh later, I’d much rather take someone with strong social skills who makes a few strategic mistakes than a mastermind who can’t form relationships. Wes built those bonds and showed himself to be thinking by sending the person he wanted to Exile with his dad.

4. Missy (last week: 8th) (Position: 4th, Capabilities: 6th, Edit: 5th Total: 33 points)


The comforter to the outsider while remaining an insider is always a good spot. We’ve gotten a steady dose of Missy, which is especially good considering her daughter has also been prominent.

3. Baylor (last week: 3rd) (Position: 10th, Capabilities: 3rd, Edit: 1st Total: 34 points)


She’s still not in a great position, but the editors have been favorable to her – showing her as someone on the bottom who recognizes this and works their way into a good position (others who were shown like this recently are Ciera or Spencer which bodes well for her). If she can make a swap or merge she is golden for a while.

2. Jeremy (last week: 1st) (Position: 2nd, Capabilities: 2nd, Edit: 3rd Total: 41 points)


Jeremy falls from the number one spot for the first time due to the harshness of his reactions to Rocker. It’s true that he was somewhat able to get Rocker voted out without even being on the tribe, but he will definitely turn into an obvious threat at some point.

1. Josh (last week: 2nd) (Position: 1st, Capabilities: 1st, Edit: 2nd Total: 41 points)


Sure Josh may be relying too heavily on his alliance with Baylor (all of his votes so far have been affected by it) but we all complained so heavily the last two weeks about this too and this week Josh was said to be the most trusted person in the tribe by both John and Wes. When Josh decides to go after John everyone goes along with it right away. Josh is socially killing it. His moves may not be 100% perfect at this point (neither were Tony’s) but given some time – with a social game like this – Josh is playing very well.

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