Survivor San Juan Del Sur Rankings

Apparently I never clicked publish on these last week, well, here they are for your records.

Post-Episode 5

These rankings are done BCS style with each player ranked according to the following three categories. Their points for each ranking (which will vary week to week depending on how many contestants there are, eg. with ten people remaining the person ranked first will get ten points, the person ranked tenth will get one) will be added up in a final tally similar to that of the old NCAA BCS rankings (yes I know that was terrible, but it’s fun here).

The three categories:

Position in the Game: This calculates what their position currently seems to be, are they in the middle of an alliance or are they on the outside?

Capability: This is the most subjective of the three, but is based in who I feel has the best skills as a Survivor player. Some of these people may be in a bad position, but with their skills can find a way out of it.

Edit: Survivor is a highly edited show where footage is selected in order to create episodic and full season storylines. The way a person is edited can help to predict how well they will do in the game. If a player is in a very bad position, but is getting a good edit, it is conceivable they will find a way out of it at some point.

The Rankings:

Last week #6 in the rankings (and my pregame winner pick), Kelley, went home.

13. Dale (last week: 13th) (Position: 13th, Capabilities: 13th, Edit: 12th Total: 4 points)


It turns out Dale doesn’t really get along with other people, now he’s once again at the bottom and he’s probably to blame for the downfall of his daughter, who I had picked to win and think actually came across as decent the last couple weeks. One of the few capable players is gone and Dale remains.

12. Reed (last week: 14th) (Position: 10th, Capabilities: 8th, Edit: 13th Total: 11 points)


Reed could be good, we still really don’t know, but we do know that he is irrelevant.

11. Alec (last week: 12th) (Position: 4th, Capabilities: 12th, Edit: 11th Total: 15 points)


Alec is the swing vote which puts him in a good spot, but he’s not that good at playing Survivor. He’s Drew-lite, which is better than Drew, but is still not that great.

10. Julie (last week: 4th) (Position: 6th, Capabilities: 9th, Edit: 10th Total: 17 points)


Julie has given just enough to make her seem like someone who will be around for a while, she’s basically Morgan from last season.

9. Missy (last week: 2nd) (Position: 7th, Capabilities: 11th, Edit: 7th Total: 17 points)


Missy drops way down because of the way she seemed to treat everybody as soon as she had her daughter with her. Yes she was able to get Jon and Jaclyn to her side and this alliance could prove to be very fruitful, but what she showed otherwise was not impressive.

8. Jaclyn (last week: 11th) (Position: 2nd, Capabilities: 10th, Edit: 9th Total: 21 points)


Jaclyn again is slowly rising and now that she resides in the main alliance she could be someone who makes the top 7. I think she has basically been disqualified from winning though.

7. Natalie (last week: 5th) (Position: 11th, Capabilities: 4th, Edit: 6th Total: 21 points)


I think Natalie is an early post-merge boot. She will be on the bottom and be seen as a threat and will be taken out. And I think that this will be really bad for the season, but this season is bad anyways, so we’ll see.

6. Jeremy (last week: 7th) (Position: 12th, Capabilities: 2nd, Edit: 4th Total: 24 points)


It doesn’t seem like Jeremy is going to be able to pull off his “surround and drown” strategy, but good on him for attempting something that seems so capable in a season that’s main highlight has been bartering with Jeff.

5. Baylor (last week: 1st) (Position: 8th, Capabilities: 5th, Edit: 3rd Total: 26 points)


She drops because she too did not look as good as she had before. I think she’s important, but her winner status is in question for now.

4. Wes (last week: 8th) (Position: 3rd, Capabilities: 3rd, Edit: 8th Total: 28 points)


Wes only ends up here because I like his spot in the game and I thought his social relationships were impressive on the other tribe.

3. Jon (last week: 10th) (Position: 5th, Capabilities: 7th, Edit: 2nd Total: 28 points)


How I feel about Jon is the same as I feel about this season: mildly interesting, slightly entertaining, and not good at gameplay. Jon’s recovery after seeing his ally go was pretty good and he ended up in a good spot off of the swap, but I still don’t see anything I really like out of him. Maybe this season is so ‘blah’ because he is our winner and they can’t really give us anything else.

2. Keith (last week: 9th) (Position: 1st, Capabilities: 6th, Edit: 5th Total: 29 points)


Keith is by far in the best spot, the couples won’t turn against him ahead of getting out Dale and if Dale does get voted out the couples will use him as the swing vote. Plus he had an idol in his pocket to keep him safe. I don’t really think he’s our winner or particularly good at Survivor, but if he were to win his edit likely would not be too different.

1. Josh (last week: 3rd) (Position: 9th, Capabilities: 1st, Edit: 1st Total: 31 points)


Josh reclaims the top spot as the most (only?) competent player in this season of Survivor. If he doesn’t win I do not see a way for this season to be redeemed (maybe Jeremy can take that too). His tribe is strong and if they don’t have to give up immunity in a rice trade, they should be set until the merge.

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