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The Disobedience of Marshawn Lynch

I have a confession to make: I kind of love Marshawn Lynch. For some of you this is no big deal, for others–the 49ers fans of my friends and family–this is a huge deal, even a deal breaker. Lynch is … Continue reading

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Best of January 2015 Playlist

A playlist of the best songs from January for your listening pleasure. Sleater-Kinney “Price Tag” I talked about this release a little bit last week, this song–the album opener–is lead by Corin Tucker’s aggressive vocals as she attacks the song, … Continue reading

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Best Films of the Decade So Far

Last week, my friend Andrew Boring and I had a discussion about the best albums of the decade so far, afterwards I released a list in picture form here on the blog. Well, this week we had another discussion, this … Continue reading

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Counting the Cost: The Theme of Sacrifice in the Films of 2014

If you’ve been following along, you may have seen the 12 or so best of 2014 lists I’ve made so far this year. Lists are fun and often easy ways to think about what popular culture has been consumed and … Continue reading

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Podcast Review: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

I’m going to start trying to write more reviews of the things that I consume. My first one, albeit a strange medium to review (Ira Glass just tweeted about this), is going to be a podcast review. I listen to … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Patriots

Casual sports conversations typically devolve in three ways: The first is the fan bro-down, in which two fans of the same team talk about “our” struggles as a franchise, complain about certain players, and riot at coaching decisions. If it … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts Upon the Internet Crashing

Well, I was about 1/3 of the way through a piece and then my internet crashed and apparently the new WordPress doesn’t save any of your work automatically anymore, so I am left here with a blank page of the … Continue reading

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