Hello internet.

I’ve been thinking lately about really committing to this thing that I have going here. Last year I really clamped down on writing and actually came up with something that ended up being somewhat consistent and I am thinking that I want to commit more to that.

I enjoy writing and I think that it really gives me equal opportunity for expression and the ability to process certain thoughts. I read other amateur bloggers and grow irksome toward them, because I apparently feel that I have greater talent than they who spark highly commented Facebook discussions that reach the thoughtful levels of “Nice post!” and “I agree!” But I rarely put forth effort into my writing–I enjoy it, but want to get it out of my sight as soon as I’m done, rather than letting it sit or pining over whatever mistakes I have made.

I think this next sort of project is a way to fight against this urge. What I plan on doing, at least for the next few months, is to increase my output (because if you can’t give ’em quality, at least give ’em quantity). I want to have something up every weekday. The format is going to be very loose, this means it could be a well thought out think-piece, a review of some kind, a top ten list, a piece of poetic poetry, a quirky reaction to something, or a diary-like entry. I still plan to write under the “Weekly Thoughts” category–a somewhat serious look into my head during the week–the rest will be whatever I can come up with.

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