A Few Thoughts Upon the Internet Crashing

Well, I was about 1/3 of the way through a piece and then my internet crashed and apparently the new WordPress doesn’t save any of your work automatically anymore, so I am left here with a blank page of the second day of my goal to write once a day. Someone with a much weaker will would give up on the goal two days in, taking it as a sign that the universe was against this goal, but I am not that individual!

Who am I kidding, there is no way I am rewriting that piece today. Instead I am sitting here improvising what I am going to write about, feeling as if I’ve already expended half of my writing energy, which is not enough to approach any of the ideas that I already have.

A few off the cuff things I’ve been thinking about:

That Sleater-Kinney album seems to be pretty good. I’m not old enough to have experienced them their first go-around and what I have heard seems to be pretty good at best, but this new album really hits hard at all the right places. It hits my female-lead angsty rock phase I seem to be going through.

Parks and Recreation‘s final season is four episodes in and they are of course knocking them out of the park. The decision to fast-forward three years makes every episode intriguing in its own way, leaving a whole pile of mysteries to unlock, and allowing character relationships to go easily into brand new territory. This was highlighted last episode as we finally discovered the reason Ron and Leslie became enemies, leading to an absolutely heartbreaking conclusion on a level that I don’t know if the show has reached before. While the network’s decision to air two episodes each week feels as if they are rushing out one of the greatest sitcoms of all time (I went there), it has almost had the opposite effect, making each week feel like an event leading up to the grand conclusion.

I haven’t seen American Sniper and although I probably will at some point, I feel as if I have a lot of opinions about it. While I totally believe that people should actually watch something before throwing out their opinions about it, I have found it saddening (and almost tragic) the way this film has crushed Selma. One presents a man who gained notoriety for being the best sniper, killing hundreds of people in combat, and (from what I’ve heard) is celebrated in the movie as a hero. The other is about one of the most famous men in American history, who gained fame for intentionally avoiding violence in order to incite change and bring about civil rights, and presents him as a complex figure. You guess which one Americans have flocked to see.

That’s it for now, stayed tuned until tomorrow where I will defend Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady.

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