2015 Pop Culture Goals in Review


2015 was a good year, there’s no need to really reflect on it, because that’s what end of the year lists are really all about. However, the last couple of years, I’ve been setting pop culture goals for myself. As the new year approaches, it is time to look back on how I did with completing those goals (HINT: Not so well!).

Here were my goals for 2015:

Watch 6 films directed by African, South American, or non-Korean/Japanese/Chinese Asian directors

Well I said that these did not go as well as they could have and here we have our first proof, I believe I watched one African film (Timbuktu, Mauritania), two South American film (The Colors of the Mountain, Colombia & The Headless Woman, Argentina), and zero Asian films (my plan was to watch the Apu trilogy, but it never happened). Broadening the landscape of what cinema you take in, broadens your mindset, and that was my goal here. The cinematic state of the US is deeply American and it’s a hard thing to break.

Watch a film each from these 6 directors: Robert Bresson, Yasujiro Ozu, Jean-Luc Godard, Andrei Tarkovsky, John Cassavetes, and Howard Hawks.

I watched a Bresson (Au Hasard Balthazar), an Ozu (Tokyo Story), a Tarkovsky (Andrei Rubilev), a Cassavetes (The Killing of a Chinese Bookie), and a Hawks (His Girl Friday). If you did the math that means I missed out on Godard; for no reason at all I’ve checked out Breathless from the library like 5 times, but have never watched it. I guess 5/6 isn’t terrible. Or maybe it is.

Learn something about how cars work

I did this! I mean it was all during a one-week period where I read through a bunch of How Stuff Works articles. I think I have a grip on how cars generally work (please don’t test me); my manliness has never been elevated higher, give me that blue collar already!

Tomorrow, I will release my pop culture goals for 2016!

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