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Pop Cultural and Shallow Goals for 2014

Well we’re already half way through the first month of the new year, but we’re still at the point where it feels a bit weird to write 2014, so I argue that it is okay to write about resolutions for … Continue reading

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Reflecting On 2013 (Pop Culturally)

At the end of last year I made myself a list of pop culture and shallow goals to strive for in 2013, this is that list as well as my commentary on how I did. Listen to more jazz – … Continue reading

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Such a Hipster

In one of my classes we had a discussion about the culture of my school. We talked about what insiders would know and what those on the outside are ignorant about. My professor then asked us if there was a … Continue reading

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I feel as if I have been abundantly contrarian the past week. I wrote a post that attempted to take down the beach. I posted an article on my Facebook that was anti-Breaking Bad. I am offending people’s sensibilities left and … Continue reading

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What Kind of Music do You Like? (A Guide)

In the never ending world of small talk and social formalities, simple get-to-know you questions are always asked. It starts with the necessities, gradually deepening either to the point that you realize you have no interest in speaking with this … Continue reading

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