Here’s to A New Year.

Here’s to 2013.

Here’s to a year full of life, beauty, love, and God.

Here’s to a year of more writing, creative expression, and deep thinking.

Here’s to a year full of new tastes, touch, sights, smells, and sounds.

Here’s to a year of reflection, where we don’t repeat our past mistakes.

Here’s to a clean slate for those looking for to start afresh.

Here’s to finding peace in the midst of the seemingly never ending wars.

Here’s to those working for the Kingdom, for a fuller life; a peaceful planet.

Here’s to resolutions not to resolute, but to disciplines that destroy sloth.

Here’s to a more civil discourse, where understanding trumps conflict.

Here’s to choosing love above hate; imagination over violence.

Here’s to clinging to an ideal world in the face of an ugly unchanging one.

Here’s to acceptance despite deep differences.

Here’s to those who mourn on this day, I hope comfort is found this year.

Here’s to passionate people in pursuit of what they love.

Here’s to the poor sharing with the rich and the rich with the poor.

Here’s to the hope that freedom brings.

Here’s to putting the other ahead of oneself.

Here’s to the gift of interruptability.

Here’s to 2013.

Happy New Year.