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Christian Music Tales II: Transcendant Nothing

We used to hang out at this place called The Underground Cafe all the time. It was a music venue located at a church in the suburbs of Sacramento, a ministry for the church to attract youth and attract them … Continue reading

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Best of January 2015 Playlist

A playlist of the best songs from January for your listening pleasure. Sleater-Kinney “Price Tag” I talked about this release a little bit last week, this song–the album opener–is lead by Corin Tucker’s aggressive vocals as she attacks the song, … Continue reading

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Top 75 Songs of 2014 Part III (20-1)

This is it, the top 20 songs of the year! Apologies to Hospitality and to d’angelo both of whom made albums I didn’t listen to until the last week or so which I find really excellent. You can see here … Continue reading

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Top 75 Songs of 2014 (75-51)

This is the first of a three part countdown of the best songs of the year. (Note: Not every song is for every person, there may be some songs that you consider innapropriate; I do not recommend everything that I … Continue reading

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What Kind of Music do You Like? (A Guide)

In the never ending world of small talk and social formalities, simple get-to-know you questions are always asked. It starts with the necessities, gradually deepening either to the point that you realize you have no interest in speaking with this … Continue reading

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