Top 75 Songs of 2014 (75-51)


This is the first of a three part countdown of the best songs of the year.

(Note: Not every song is for every person, there may be some songs that you consider innapropriate; I do not recommend everything that I like for everyone. Proceed with your own discretion.)

75. Lupe Fiasco “Deliver”

Lupe’s track about the pizza man not being willing to deliver to the ghetto is a great track for our current climate, it does lose points for all the mentioning it does of various pizza places.

74. Lost in the Trees “Rites”

73. Sohn “Artifice”

72. Norma Jean Martine “No Gold”

A great indie pop song, a singer that likely deserves more attention.

71. Mac DeMarco “Salad Days”

70. Jenny Lewis “Slippery Slopes”

69. Schoolboy Q “Collard Greens”

The best track from Q’s album, which I liked not loved, it’s got Kendrick who elevates just about anything he is on.

68. The Notwist “Kong”

67. Cloud Nothings “Psychic Trauma”

66. Sharon Van Etten “Taking Chances”

65. A Sunny Day in Glasgow “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing”

Heard this band described as a bunch of school band nerds coming together to make music with a punk-tinge. That fits this sorta catchy sort of chaotic orchestral track.

64. Howler “Don’t Wanna”

Howler makes great beach rock/punk for slackers everywhere. This song assures the listener that they have the autonomy to do whatever they want, the greatest line being a battle between “you don’t have to listen to The Smith’s if you don’t want to” and “you don’t even have to date girls if you don’t want to”.

63. Sia “Chandelier”

62. Manchester Orchestra “The Ocean” (from “Hope”)

From the acoustic version of their album “Cope” which was released a few months later, the song is changed completely into a piano led ballad relying on Hull’s voice entirely–which is really the best part of the band.

61. The War on Drugs “Burning”

60. White Lung “Drown With the Monster”

59. Cymbals Eat Guitars “Child Bride”

58. Sharon Van Etten “I Love You But I’m Lost”

Van Etten’s album is filled with love long lost songs and this one expresses her feelings completely as she mourns her own failures in love.

57. Lykke Li “Sleeping Alone”

56. The War on Drugs “Eyes to the Wind”

55. Iceage “Forever”

54. Manchester Orchestra “Girl Harbor”

53. Cloud Nothings “Now Hear In”

52. Joyce Manor “Christmas Card”

51. Parkay Quartz “Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth”

The side project of Parquet Courts (who you will see on plenty of upcoming lists) that features most of the original band. This song could actually fit perfectly on a Courts record, as a slow stripped down song that slowly builds.

Top 75 Songs of the Year (51-75)

Continuing the best of the year coverage, I am ranking the best 75 songs of the year. This is the bottom of that, #’s 51-75 listed in order.

I’d like to think my musical tastes and favorites broadened this year and that this list would reflect this. This snippet of favorite songs features hip-hop doing their own endearing-in-their-own-way sort of love songs (“Power Trip”, “Bound 2”), humorous looks at urban life (“Wonderbread”), rap for the 1% (“Picasso Baby”) and that that uses comic book references (“Dark Knights”).

There are ladies belting out songs (“Let it Go”, “If You Wait”, “Nearly Midnight, Honolulu”, “You Are the Apple”), sad dudes singing sad songs (“Sea of Love”, “The Woodpile”, “Colombia”), and guitar-driven rock (“Do I Wanna Know?”, “Best of Friends”).

I hope to give more of my thoughts of the year in music later as the countdown continues, but for now here is the list.

At the end, I’ll post a Spotify playlist with all of the songs on it.

75. “Complacent” by Rapsody feat. Problem

74. “Sea of Love” by The National

73. “Power Trip” by J Cole feat. Miguel

72. “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys

71. “Picasso Baby” by Jay-Z

70. “Even if We Try” by Night Beds

69. “Wounded Hearts” by iceage

68. “The Woodpile” by Frightened Rabbit

67. “Ocean’s Deep” by Born Ruffians

66. “Best of Friends” by Palma Violets

65. “Lies” by CHVRCHES

64. “Bound 2” by Kanye West

63. “Stay Awake” by London Grammar

62. “Lifeforms” by Daughter

61. “Colombia” by Local Natives

60. “Nearly Midnight, Honolulu” by Neko Case

59. “You Are the Apple” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

58. “No Bed for Beatle Wand/Days This Long” by Wooden Wand

57. “If You Wait” by London Grammar

56. “Three Months” by Local Natives

55. “Strawberry Bumblegum” by Justin Timberlake

54. “Wonderbread” by Danny Brown

53. “No Ideas” by Parquet Courts

52. “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel

51. “Dark Knights” by Rapsody